Exploring the Industrial Applications of DUPLEX STEEL BOLTS

Duplex steel combines both austenitic and ferritic steel, resulting in a material with superior mechanical properties. This unique combination makes it an ideal material for applications requiring high strength, corrosion resistance, and durability. One of the most commonly used components made from duplex steel is bolts – fasteners that join two or more objects. In this blog post, we will explore duplex steel bolts’ industrial applications.

What are the Industrial Applications of Duplex Steel Bolts?

Duplex steel bolts are highly versatile components with great application in many industrial sectors. They are known for their superior quality and strength compared to other materials, making them ideal for various tasks. Due to their high corrosion resistance and longer life spans, industrial applications include petrochemical plants, naval ships, offshore oil rigs, and boilers. In addition to these tough environments, they can be used in engineering projects such as bridges or large-scale structures requiring intense tensile stress withstanding capabilities.

Oil and Gas Industry

Duplex steel bolts are commonly used in the Oil and Gas industry, where strength and corrosion resistance are needed. The most common applications include flanges for pipelines, pumps, compressor blades, valves, and fasteners for oilfield equipment/structures such as drilling rigs and platforms. These bolts offer excellent mechanical properties at elevated temperatures and good weldability characteristics. Additionally, they can handle extreme environments due to their increased corrosion resistance over other materials. Moreover, these bolts usually increase fatigue strength compared to carbon steel and improve stress corrosion cracking resistance over austenitic stainless steel under certain conditions.

Marine Industry

Duplex stainless steel bolts are used in many applications in the marine industry, including shipbuilding, offshore platforms, desalination plants and oil rigs. These fasteners provide superior corrosion resistance and strength compared to traditional austenitic stainless steel bolts, making them highly suitable for harsh marine conditions. Additionally, these fasteners are immune to chlorides, so they remain unaffected by saltwater exposure. Their high fatigue strength also helps prevent catastrophic cracking even during extreme temperature cycles. Thus duplex stainless steel bolts offer excellent performance with excellent cost savings due to their extended service life in the challenging environment of the marine industry.

Chemical Industry

Duplex steel bolts offer several advantages for the chemical industry. The high strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance offered by duplex steel make it ideal for applications where weight and durability are critical factors. Its superior fatigue and stress crack corrosion resistance enable its use in highly corrosive environments, making it suitable for many chemical processing plants. Furthermore, due to its balance of mechanical properties, duplex steel also provides excellent wear resistance, which is essential in demanding industrial settings such as chemical plants. Together these features make duplex steel an ideal choice for fasteners in chemical industries.

Power Generation

Due to their superior strength and corrosion resistance, duplex steel bolts are becoming increasingly popular in power generation applications. Their high fatigue strength allows them to be used in rotating components, like those found in turbines, while their strong mechanical properties allow them to cope with heavy loads. They are heat-resistant and have great dimensional stability for long-term performance with minimal maintenance requirements. In short, duplex steel bolts provide reliable connections for power generation equipment operating continuously under extreme conditions.

Construction Industry

Duplex steel bolts are becoming increasingly popular in construction due to their superior strength and durability. They are corrosion-resistant, non-magnetic, and have excellent fatigue resistance. Additionally, they have been proven to offer superior performance under extreme temperature and pressure conditions and high fatigue loading and impact loads. This makes them ideal for critical structural applications such as building bridges or tall towers where safety is paramount. With their increased strength, duplex steel bolts can create a secure bond between two surfaces that will last over time, even in harsh environments.


Duplex steel bolts are highly sought after in industrial applications due to their superior strength and excellent corrosion resistance. These bolts are often used in environments with aggressive chemicals or high temperatures because they can withstand them better than other materials. Moreover, their increased flexibility allows for precise tolerance, easy assembly of components, and good fatigue resistance in dynamic applications. For these reasons, duplex steel bolts have become an essential part of many industrial processes requiring greater strength and corrosion resistance.